About Awala

The long-term goal of Awala (formerly known as Relaynet) is to complement the Internet by providing all human beings with uncensored and timely communication anywhere in the universe – without impairing the fundamental rights of other human beings. The first order of business is to establish connectivity in regions where the Internet is unavailable due to natural or human causes.

Awala was designed by Gus Narea at the University of Oxford with the initial goal of circumventing censorship by repressive governments, and he later founded Relaycorp to support and scale the project while keeping it as open and inclusive as possible.

The security of the protocol suite was independently assessed and Relaycorp started to build the foundation of the technology thanks to a contract with the Open Technology Fund in late 2019. Our current focus is on helping Android developers integrate Awala in their apps.

“Awala” means “sibling” in Wayuu (a native South American language), and it symbolises our goal to empower – not digitally colonise – all humankind.