Awala helps to circumvent Internet blackouts

Awala-compatible apps use the Internet when it's available, and they switch to a backup medium when the Internet has been cut off.

  • No special hardware required
  • Protects against eavesdroppers
  • Free and open source


There are no Awala-compatible apps yet, but in the meantime you can learn about what it'll all be like.

Service providers

Enhance existing Internet-based services, or build Awala-native apps to unlock additional benefits.


Restore connectivity when the Internet has been cut off. Do it for profit, the greater good or both.

About Awala

Awala (formerly Relaynet) was designed and prototyped at the University of Oxford, and its development is now led by Relaycorp. We won the first place at the Mozilla Builders Open Lab, and we've been implementing the technology thanks to funding from the Open Technology Fund and the International Republican Institute. Learn more about Awala.