Stay connected with or without the Internet

As amazing and ubiquitous as the Internet is, we can’t count on it when we need it most – it just wasn’t built to withstand repressive regimes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks or wars. By contrast, Awala was expressly conceived for those scenarios.

When you’re connected to the Internet, Awala-compatible apps will simply use it and you won’t notice a difference. But when you’re disconnected from the Internet, you can get couriers to securely transport your apps’ data to and from the Internet – without ever handing over your device to anyone.

You don’t need to know or trust couriers at all! It’s impossible for couriers – or anyone who intercepts them – to see or change your apps’ data. They can’t even see which apps you’re using or link that data to you. The worst damage that a courier can cause is to drop your data along the way, and even then Awala will seamlessly detect it and correct it.

Watch this video to get a better idea of how Awala works with and without the Internet:

Awala will be the network on which humankind can truly rely and providing resilient communication is just the beginning. Other short-term benefits include powering a new generation of apps that will be 100% free of spam and phishing, while offering better privacy and security. In the future, Awala apps will circumvent online censorship without you having to install Tor or VPNs separately.

Download Awala

There are no general purpose, Awala-compatible apps just yet. Most people downloading Awala today are software developers who want to build apps on top of it, but you’re most welcome to download it and play with it – just bear in mind you won’t get very far.

Help us help you

If you like the sound of this and want to help, the best way to do so is by getting the software that you use to add support for Awala. For example, tell Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp that you wish they supported Awala.

Also, don’t be a stranger! Say hi on Facebook or Twitter, and tell us why you’re excited about Awala. Questions and requests are also welcomed. We prefer public discussions but we understand if you’d rather chat in private.

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